New Collar; Ideal for Online Submissives


velcroNEW YORK, NY–March 18, 2014

Playco, producer of fine BDSM toys and adult products, is now offering a product line specifically for the “online submissive.”  Their latest creation, simply called “the velcro collar” is designed to be worn from 24 hours to two weeks and has their patented “easy on and easy off” technology making switching Masters a snap.

“We see lots of online with a different Master every week,” Tim McSnortle told us in a phone interview, “so we have created a product that changes as quickly as they do.  Simply pull on the outside tab and off it comes, ready for the next master who wants to put it on her.”

PrincessKittyLove247 told The Daily Flogger that “it works like a charm.”  The currently single has gotten a lot of use out of the collar, even though she has only had it for two weeks.

“I’ve been through three masters and one dominant since I got the collar.  I love how easy it is to put on and I never have to worry about taking it off.  Just like my relationships–easy in, easy out.”

Other report similar successes.  SluttyJane4U said “I always keep it on the desk while I am chatting online.  You never know when you are going to get collared and it is important to always be ready.”

TinaWetNWild had a similar experience.  “I met this really dominant guy on CollarMe and he told me to put my collar on and kneel in his very first email.  Imagine if I didn’t have a collar?  He would have found another girl I bet.”

Playco says sales have been higher than expected since release.  McSnortle said the collar is “perfect for those who don’t want to mess with buckles or locks or commitment.”

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