New Product: DomCo Passive Aggressive Collar



Designed for the slave who wants to say “I’m all yours” and “Fuck You” at the same time, DomCo has created the patented and revolutionary “Passive Aggressive Collar.”  The collar, which forces the slave or into a very strict posture, is also adorned with a series of extremely sharp and beautiful spikes.

DomCo designer Robert Francis created the collar in response to a common complaint that often have.  “Many slaves came to me saying lots of people in the community don’t respect their collar, so I set out to create a collar that people would have to respect.”

Slave Mike, who has worn his collar for almost three weeks said it is very effective but that it took him a couple of days before he stopped accidentally hurting himself.  “The spikes are really sharp,” he told The Daily Flogger, “so you have to be careful.  I cut myself a dozen times before I got the hang of it.”

The collar comes with optional accessories, such as neurotoxins that can be applied to the spikes, causing pain, paralysis or even death for those who come in contact with its sharp points.

“It’s edgy,” said Francis, “but it allows the to be threatening and even deadly without even saying a word.”

Photo credit: lust4lhr cc: by sa

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