Orgasm Control Lasts 13 Years



Area woman Suzanne Worfly, a frequenter of local dungeons in the BDSM community, has bragged to friends that she has been on a forced orgasm control for 13 years. Orgasm control is often found in Dominant/ relationships as a means of power exchange, literal dominance or punishment.

often brag about the controls placed upon them, an unusual sort of one-upmanship that takes place amongst them. “I always tell people about my orgasm control,” Worfly noted. “I like to brag a bit, I guess. I haven’t had an orgasm for 13 years. My dom is very controlling.”

The female reports that her orgasm control began at the same time the couple stopped having sex.

Worfly has been “happily married” for 16 years to her husband, whom she refers to as her “dom.”

Photo credit: Anita & Greg cc: by nc

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