Power Slave Blames “Cheap Batteries” for Poor Performance



“Power Slave” Gwen Mc Knight has been organizing, teaching, running groups, hosting munches, and running her Master’s family for almost a decade, which made it all the more surprising when she began missing appointments, letting scheduling slip, and not appreciating the coffee her master brings her every morning.

“It was a mystery to all of us. As a power slave she was always on top of things. Very controlling. Some even said bossy,” said slave sherman, a member of Gwen’s master’s family.

Master Samson, head of the family, described it as “catastrophic for the family” when slave Gwen started falling behind. “We rely on her for everything and always do what she says,” he told The Daily Flogger.

The mystery was solved when it was discovered that the source for Gwen’s “power” was a set of 4 AAA batteries that she inserts anally to keep her moving.

“I am confused,” slave Gwen said, “isn’t that what it means?  Power slave basically means batteries up the ass, right?”

The slave, who was low on funds, replaced her Duracell supercharged Gold Label batteries with “some cheap alkaline crap,” resulting in much lower voltage and duration.

“People tell you that sticking batteries up your ass is stupid and doesn’t do anything, but I guess this proves them wrong, doesn’t it?” the slave told us.

Now that she has new batteries inside her, she “feels back to her old self, bossy and demanding.”

Master Samson noted, “It is good to have her back to her old self.  It is all about obedience.  I just hope the rest of us can keep up.  Sometimes she is so obedient we all wind up exhausted from doing what she tells us to do.”

Photo credit: Patty cc: by nc sa

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