Publisher Releases “Emotional Masochism” Magazine



Fresh off the success of publications such as Eating Disorder Quarterly and Dominant Man, BDSM magazine publisher Flinklock Inc. has created the first publication for the true emotional masochist.

“It isn’t very good,” says editor Amanda Ferks, who was in charge of the inaugural issue. “They should have never put me in charge, I ruin everything. I will probably be the one who everyone remembers as a total idiot and the worst editor ever.”

Gordon Frazier, CEO of Flintlock thinks Ferks is the perfect person to launch the new magazine. “She has real insecurity about herself and her sexuality. It is hard to find that in someone so accomplished. I think she will do a great job as long as we continue to send her mixed messages and attribute any success to other people.”

Ferks told The Daily Flogger she is hoping that if the magazine does take off that she will be able to figure out a way to sabotage her career anyway. “Success is always a mixed blessing. I hate myself.”

Photo credit: khengsiong CC: NC

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