Rope and Needles Vie for “Most Fashionable Kink” at Annual Meeting



This year’s Local International National Leather Celebration held its first ever “Most Fashionable Kink” contest at its annual event.  Master KK Drowner, the contest organizer told The Daily Flogger, “it is about time we knew what we were supposed to be doing.  The only way you really know that is by asking a bunch of other people.”  One of the most controversial parts of the voting allowed anyone with a leather title to vote up to ten times.

“We’ve earned the right,” said Slave Rocky, 45, “and people care more about what we think than what they think about most things.”

The competition was tight, with Needle Play winning out by less than 1/10 of one percent, with more than 25,000 votes cast.  Rope narrowly lost out to the prickly fetish.  Many thought if the competition had been held last year, the results would have be reversed.

“Now I know what I should be doing in the dungeon and especially what kind of pictures to post if I want to be kinky and popular on Fetlife,” said Samantha Morris, a 28 year old Mistress.  “I hate rope, so this works out pretty well for me.”

Drowner told reporters, “We started off just wanting to recognize particular fetishes, not trying to tell people what they should like and then we realized we actually could tell people what to like and we just couldn’t help ourselves.”

Retailers are already reporting a spike in sales related to needle play and medical supplies, with rope sales remaining steady.

The big loser in the voting was water sports, which many found both “gross” and “disgusting.”  Florentine flogging came in a surprising 7th and singletail whips shocked everyone ranking 3rd.

“I would have guessed the thing with the floggers where you do two hands and get all fancy would be much higher,” Drowner told us, “maybe the term Florentine threw people off.  It kinda sounds like flogging with spinach and, frankly, I wouldn’t rank that very highly either.”

Master Kip, a leather title holder, was happy to have his vote counted more than once.  “In one way,” he said, “it doesn’t seem fair. But then I consider that it is about me and I am more OK with it.”  Kip, who held his leather title for three consecutive years was given 30 votes in the competition.  “I had to keep the title for the second and third year because no one else would run for it,” he said, “but it is nice to have it finally pay off.”

photo credit: Caretaker Cameron cc

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