Shake Up at TNG Munch; Order Sparks Questions



For the first time in two years, Orin Martin, 29, changed his order that the TNG monthly munch opting for cheese enchiladas and rice, over his typical chile verde.

“I think we were all shocked,” said friend and fellow munch-goer Tiffany Kipson, 22.  “Orin has been solid for almost seven years.  At this point, he could just say ‘bring me my usual’ and they would know.  Now the wait staff is going to be confused.  Frankly, I think a lot of us are.  Enchiladas are old people food.  Ewwww.”

“I question the enchiladas as a choice,” said Dean Timmons, 26, organizer of the TNG munch.  “He’s aging out and it is becoming obvious.  TNGers aren’t about enchiladas.  His taste is changing, growing more conservative, less edgy.  It is sad, but it is a part of getting older.”

The Utah TNG group has an age limit, requiring members to be under the age of 30 to participate.

Slave gina was unapologetic in her response.  “It is obvious he needs to go.  Enchiladas?  Really?  Could you possibly order something that says ‘creepy old guy’ any more than that?  It’s like I don’t even know him anymore.  Orin has to go.  29 or not.”

While Timmons won’t ban anyone who meets the age requirement, he does see the meal choice as an issue.  “It is making people uncomfortable.  I am going to ask him to move on by choice.  He only has about 3 more months until he is 30 and I am not sure the munch can withstand this kind of division for that long.”

Master Zino, 22, agreed.  “If he cares about this munch, about everything we have built, he’ll step away.”

Martin, for his part, remained oblivious.  “I’ve wanted to try these enchiladas for like 7 years.  It is about time I went for something new.  I know my friends will support me.”

Photo credit: stu_spivack CC: SA

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