Sociopathic, Narcissistic Dominant Receives Award



Donald Grimes, 47, has been the scourge of the local DC kink community for years.  In spite of bad word of mouth and a network of and slaves who always try to warn new women of his predatory and harmful tactics, he has remained largely successful in his ability to attract and ultimately abuse partners.

In response, Mistress Helen Grey, 47, came up with an idea.  Give him an award.

“Because of his narcissistic personality, we knew he would accept and because he is so completely full of himself, he won’t be able to stop himself from bragging about it any chance he gets,” said Grey.

The award, “Top Predator and Abuser” was designed to alert everyone to Grime’s proclivities.

Sadly, the effort seems to have backfired with many, giving Grimes more visibility and even credibility among young women.

“He is an award winning dominant, which is hot,” said Kelly Guinn, 18.  “And he knows how to say all the right things.  I’d be lucky to land a man like that!”

Photo credit: Miriam CC: SA

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