Spanking Enthusiast Misunderstands “Stimulus Check”


Tallahassee, Oregon

Gene Jergensen, better known as “Spank Daddy” has been banned from his local dungeon after a misunderstanding over the term “stimulus check.”

“I swear to God,” Jergensen said, “I thought a stimulus check was when you fingered the girl you were spanking to see if she was stimulated or not.  You know, seeing if she was wet or whatever.”

The misunderstanding occurred when Jergensen asked the woman he was spanking, Chrissy Schmidt, better known as “Spank Bunny” if she was ready for her “stimulus check.”  When she said she was really excited about it, Jergensen slipped his hand inside her panties and touched her vagina.

“I really freaked out,” Schmidt said.  “I thought it was a weird question to ask in a spanking scene, but I am really excited to be getting the money, so I guess I answered enthusiastically and gave him the wrong idea.”

Dungeon owner Lance Lamont was not so sure.  ‘It’s not the first time we’ve had issues with Spank Daddy,” he said.  “Last time it was all about him mispronouncing the word ‘election.'”

Jergensen said his disappointed about the ban, but happy to find out he is going to be receiving a $1,400 check.

“In a way, I guess the story has a happy ending,” he added, chuckling to himself.


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