Submissive Man Waits 2 Days for Perfect Mistletoe Position



Keith Cranston, 28, created a plan to make sure he would get a New Year’s kiss from the girl of his dreams, Mistress Carolyn Kropp, 22.

The plan, which required careful positioning and the purchase of mistletoe, required Cranston to hide in the apartment of Marg Stanger, 38, the host of this year’s Dommes and subs (D&s) New Year’s Party, for nearly two days.

Cranston required the help of two accomplices who would guide the Mistress in position to ensure she would be right in front of him at the stroke of midnight. At that moment, Cranston will hop out, dangle the mistletoe and get his long awaited kiss.

“I think it is romantic,” said Missy Lewis, 28. “Keith is a little strange and a little obsessive, but still who wouldn’t want to be the object of that kind of attention. I mean, not from him, but from someone less psycho.”

Kropp, who is attending the party unaware of the plan, says she find Cranston a little creepy, but ultimately harmless. “What do I think about him?” the Mistress responded to The Daily Flogger’s inquiry. “I don’t,” she said matter of factly.

Perhaps that will change at midnight.

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