Submissives Unionize; Submission Declared “Gift”



There are reports surfacing of a newly formed “submissives Union.” The Union, or as it is formally known, SUBS Local 1 has been in existence for over three weeks according to the organizers.

A female spokesperson, identified only as FunBunni4U, was vague about the actual intent of the Union but did provide The Daily Flogger with the following press release:
March 15th, 2014.

For immediate release.

Due to the current social and political landscape, we, the submissives of the world, need organized representation. Far too long have we suffered the indignity of “doing as we are told” without fair compensation. The very act of being “obedient” has for decades been met with little or no compensation, benefits or reward.

Submission is a gift. Everyone knows that.Gifts are taxable, and therefore have a real value. The aim of Submissives Unionized for Better Service (SUBS) is to finally place a dollar value on the “gift” of submission. We are working with our team of lawyers and accountants to finalize a hard number. Early calculations suggest that the Gift of Submission (GoS) has a minimum value of $120,314.56.

Dominants wishing to “Own” or “Contract” with a Union submissive would be required to pay into the Union Retirement Fund. This fund is established to provide retirement benefits to submissives when they retire or are replaced by a younger more useful (and/or attractive) submissive.

Added StudBoy2PlzMYMistress, a male submissive; “I know we get our needs met and all that stuff, but come on man, we’re giving a GIFT! You know, you have to pay for a gift right? I mean, it’s really simple. I pay for the gift, then I give it to someone, but who compensates ME for getting the gift in the first place? All I want is to get played with, and sort of serve and stuff, and then give my gift. But then, a better sub comes along, you know, those ones that actually like to serve and do things, and then I never get my gift back. And that’s just wrong. So I’m all for the Union, so I get my gift back. Well, I think that’s what they’re trying to do.”

We will keep our readers updated on this very fluid situation.

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