TNGers “Just Don’t Get Old People”



Tensions are running high among hurt feelings and rejection from some older members of the community, when a 48 year old man was turned away from a Newark TNG party for “being too old and too creepy.”

Melvin Horne, the man turned away, found the incident upsetting.  “For one thing there was this really hot 19 year old girl in there, dressed like a school girl.  Short skirt, crisp white shirt, pig tails.  You know the look.  They are trying to keep us away from them because we have more experience and skills.”

Horne failed to understand what was creepy about waiting for the submissive outside of the club for six hours so he could follow her home, get her address, and watch her undress through her bed room window.

Though he has been in the scene for 20 years, Horne has never had a submissive or even a play partner.   He believes TNG parties are one of the reasons why.  “If I can’t hit on the new girls, I am going to be alone forever.  I’ve tried all the older women and they all have too much attitude.  Besides, I like them young, innocent, and inexperienced.  At least I think I would.  I’ve never really gotten the chance.”

According to some of the younger members of the community, they just feel the need for their own safe space.  One younger scene member, LilKitty, believes in keeping the spaces separate.  “I just don’t get old people.  Once you turn like 30, it is like your brain gets weird or something.”

“One of the old guys smells like my Grandma’s house,” LilKitty told The Daily Flogger, “I don’t need that when I am trying to get my kink on.”

photo credit: Kevin Larson Presents Events cc

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