Vacuum Bed Used for Gourmet Cuisine



Shannon Blu, caterer to the stars and BDSM aficionado, found herself in a bit of a pickle when she agreed to cater a 500 person wedding reception at the back yard of a studio executive.

“I took on this gig way too late. I should’ve turned it down but the money was good. Unfortunately, with 500 servings of tilapia in basil tarragon sauce I couldn’t batch prepare the dishes and make the load-in for the reception,” said Blu. “So I had to get creative.”

Blu turned to her vacuum bed, a restraint device she had purchased from online kink retailer “I put the fish portions in the bed with the sauce, vacuum sealed it and put the whole bed into my Jacuzzi for about 30 minutes at 101 degrees.”

Martin St. Jules, senior development executive at PrismLight Productions who hosted the swanky reception had this to say about the entree: “It was light and delicate, with only the hint of basil, semen and rubber.”

Photo credit: Makenshi Fox CC: by nc sa

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