In Response to Controversy Group Modifies Name



After coming under fire for claiming a “ identity,” a group consisting primarily of male dominants and female has now declared themselves “Leatha.”

A spokesperson for the group, identified only as Kevin Merton (sales rep for Berger PharmaCare in the Bergen, NJ office 1-800-914-7764 x 543), said he has always been a “big fan” of Chris Rock and Tupac. “They talk about the differences between the words, well, I can’t say the words because I am white, but you know the words. One ends in -er the other ends in -a.”

“By adopting a Leatha Identity, we are claiming our street and hip hop roots,” Master JJ told The Daily Flogger.  “I grew up in Miami, Ohio listening to rap music, so I know something about hip hop.  I saw MC Hammer perform twice and I was back stage at Vanilla Ice’s show at the Metrodome.  That is, in hip hop, what we call street credibility.”

photo credit: bobbi vie cc

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