In Wake of Political Correctness Dominant Man Switches from Racist to Ageist



After being called out repeatedly for “inappropriate racial slurs,” Keith K. Klum, 57, has been banned from his local dungeon. Klum calls himself a victim of the current climate of “political correctness” and doesn’t plan to stop discriminating any time soon.

“Now that race is off limits,” Klum told The Daily Flogger, “I am gonna start picking on the kids. They don’t know shit and they are easy targets. I’be been coming up with some new slurs to try to make them feel bad about being all young and shit.”

Klum refused to reveal any of his new ageist epithets but assured us that they would reflect both his “anger about a life that hasn’t worked out the way he wanted and his seething resentment directed at men who are getting all the hot, young chicks.”

As an added bonus Klum is prepared to tell countless stories of how much better things were in the old days and complain about how kids today just don’t appreciate things.

Photo credit: Romain CC: NC SA

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