Winner of “Little’s Contest” Disqualified; Investigation Follows



Michelle DuChamp had taken the “Littles” world by storm, competing in seven contests and winning them all, including the prestigious “Littlest of All Littles” title this past year in Ottawa.  The contest drew more than 2000 attendees and the pageant had more than 50 contestants from 12 countries and 40 US states.

Documents shown to The Daily Flogger may provide some clues as to Ms. DuChamp’s spectacular rise and string of victories.

According to birth records, Detroit, MI resident DuChamp is actually only 8 years old, making her ineligible to compete in the adult competition.

“There is nothing really adult or unseemly going on here,” said pageant organizer Susy McBoone, “we just feel that actually being 8 years old gave Ms. DuChamp an unfair advantage.”

“It explains a lot,” Candy Loo, one of the pageant judges told reporters, “her coloring was a perfect blend of inside and outside the lines; exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from an 8 year old.  She looked the part and I guess that is why she scored so well in the dress up portion.”

“For me,” Daddy Boomba, another judge told us, “it was the way she moved and the patterns of speech.  She just seemed like such a little.  Now we know why–she actually was.  It was deceptive and wrong.  But then again, she is 8 so maybe it is all just a misunderstanding.”

DuChamp couldn’t be reached for comment as she was “out for ice cream and a walk,” but someone close to the contestant did tell us that “they thought it was weird that she always brought her mother to the competitions and that she looked so young, but no one every really questioned it.”

Documents were allegedly “leaked” by a competitor who was “tired of coming in second to someone who clearly wasn’t supposed to be here.”  The source, who spoke to us under conditions of anonymity, simply said “It’s not fair.  That trophy is mine and I’m not going to let some 8 year old kid steal it.  It feels like 2nd grade art class and Kimmy Smith always winning everything.  It’s not going to happen again.  Not this time.”

“It is unfortunate that some people can’t play by the rules or engage in proper sharing time,” McBoone said.  “While it may have been wrong to enter the competition under false pretenses, no one likes a tattle tale.”

Officials are looking into other contests to see if others have engaged in similar behaviors when competing.  “We have some suspicions, but no real proof,” an investigator told The Daily Flogger.  “Without birth certificates it can be very difficult to tell who is an adult and who is a child.  They pretty much act the same here at these things.”

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