Woman Discovers “Erotic Use” for Massage Device



Kei Yukimura, 57, may have stumbled onto a new device that could revolutionize women’s pleasure.

“I was eating a Hot Pocket,” Yukimura told The Daily Flogger, “and giving myself a nice deep shoulder massage with my Hitachi Magic Wand when I took a bite and the hot cheese inside burned the roof of my mouth.  In my desperation to get a drink of water, I dropped the Hitachi and it landed right on my coochie.”

From that point on, Yukimura knew she had discovered something special.

“It felt, you know, really nice.  I just let it run and soon enough, I was having an orgasm.”

Yukimura was slow to tell her friends and at first they didn’t believe her.

“Those things are for sore backs and shoulders,” Kim Landers, 47, told her erotically adventurous friend.  “They are massagers, it says so right on the box!”  It took Landers several months before she was willing to give it a try, but found the massager to be “stimulating to her special lady place.”

Others remain unconvinced.  Stella Johnson, 41, refuses to give it a try.  “If the people at Hitachi actually knew what people were using their neck massage devices for, they would be horrified.  I have a good mind to call them and tell them.”

When asked if they were aware that the Hitachi Magic Wand could be used for genital stimulation, a spokesperson from Hitachi said “You are kidding right?”

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