Woman Finds “Dick Pics” Classy and Interesting


Kershaw, North Dakota

After a series of recent campaigns to get men to stop sending unsolicited pictures of their genitalia to women online, Kelly Schmidt, a 24 year old submissive, has started a new campaign she is calling “More Dick Pics Please!”

Schmidt says she has never been bothered by receiving images of men’s penises in her email, except for the “occasional odd or misshapen ones.”

“I like it when they send me dick pics,” she said, “it is how I have met my last five Dominants.”

Though none of those relationships have lasted, Schmidt says the two things are unrelated.

“Two of them turned out to be abusers and the others just had no idea what BDSM was and were looking for easy sex,” she said, “But I don’t think that is related to them sending dick pics.  It is probably just a coincidence.”

She is still encouraging men to send her pictures as a way to meet.  “You can tell a lot from a dick pic,” she said, “especially the ones which are classy and interesting.”

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