Woman Finds Dungeon Decor “Too 16th Century”



“There is really no excuse for it,” says slave and interior designer Marg Beckett, 37. “There are plenty of inspirations to draw from. Inquisition, British dungeon, French Bastille. 16th century is just lazy. It looks bad and it doesn’t inspire any kind of scene.  It’s hard to play in a space where you feel like they aren’t making an effort to be decor relevant.”

Dungeon owner Kale Greenery, 63, sees it differently.  “Our dungeon is like a blank canvas.  If people are dissatisfied maybe it has more to do with what they bring to the space.”

Most find Greenery’s dungeon play space, simply called Dungeon 623, named for the street address of the location, to be “dirty and kind of nasty, but a fun place to play.”

Beckett says she has offered to help with a redesign, but her ideas have all been rejected.  “What I am proposing would take work and money, two things that Kale seems to have no interest in.”

Greenery says he is happy with the space and the clientele.  “People have been coming her for years and no one has ever had a problem until now.  Maybe Marg is the problem,” he told The Daily Flogger.

Photo credit: David Jones CC: NC

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