Aftercare Class Critiqued for Not Providing Aftercare


Jonestown, Alabama

Master Jonas P. Knowles, a 35 year old leatherman and self-described “sex educator,” was stunned to receive comments from attendees of his latest class on aftercare, “When the Scene is Over: Negotiating, Understanding, and Providing Aftercare.”

“I’ve been teaching the class for years,” Knowles said, “it is one of my most popular offerings.”

Helen Nicks, 22, said she felt lost and betrayed by the class.  “There he is, giving all thing great information, talking about aftercare.  I was so into it, really digging into the content and then there was nothing.  He just thanked us all for coming and ended the workshop.”

Frank Lewis, a 24 year old Dominant agreed, “Not even a Q&A and absolutely no effort to see what we were feeling, if we needed some water, maybe a blanket.”

Slave Brenda, 52, said that she “at least expected a hug and some head pats.  Master always gives me head pats.  So I was left a bit shaken by the experience.”

“It’s just not ethical.  You don’t just stop a class and walk away.  When you leave attendees without closure, you can do some real damage.  It affects trust and makes everyone wary about attending any future classes,” Dr. Mary Trint, an expert on BDSM relationships told The Daily Flogger.

Knowles said the point of the class was to “learn about aftercare and how important it is for BDSM scenes, not classes and workshops.”

Knowles also had some supporters.  Lisa Schultz, a 38 year old leatherwoman, explained “I’ve been doing this a while.  I am what you might call Old Guard.  Back in the day, we didn’t even have aftercare, you just got a beating and were left on your own.  All this aftercare shit is ruining the lifestyle.  It will be the end of us.  Master Jonas gave a great class, but people really need to grow the fuck up.”

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