Old Man Finds Acceptance in TNG Identifying as “20-something”


San Diego, Utah

Master Kevin Lewis, 63, says he has always been attracted to “younger women” and upset that he was being excluded from TNG events based solely on his age.

To remedy the situation Lewis says he has started “identifying as much younger, early twenties, maybe 21 or 22.”

Lewis began listening to current music and even started his own TikTok, copying all the latest fads.

“I just want to fit it,” Lewis said, “TNG is where I belong.  It is ageist to exclude someone like me.”

On a 3-2 vote, the group’s leadership sided with Lewis, agreeing that age is “more than just a number.”

Karen Schmidt, a 19 year old board member, who ended up as the “swing vote,” was sympathetic to Lewis’s argument.  “I just don’t like seeing anyone left out or excluded.  Besides, he reminds me of my Dad.  A lot.”

Remy Yank, the group’s President was adamantly opposed.  “This guy is just claiming to be younger.  He’s really old.  Like at least 40.  And his TikTok is super lame.”

Lewis responded by telling The Daily Flogger, that his “TikTok is in fact fire and not at all lame.  Perhaps,” he said, “It is Mr. Yank who is the one who is lame.”

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