Ask Annie: Financial Domination


Dear Annie,

Everytime I try to find a mistress, I find that they are what are called “findommes,” meaning they want money from me. For some reason they think I should just give them money. I am seriously confused and I don’t want to give them my money. What the hell is going on?

Stingy in St. Louis

Dear Stingy,

Financial Domination or “Fin Dom” is a badly misunderstood fetish and form of domination. The problem is generally a lack of and experience.

What I suggest is that you start off with someone you can trust and send them your money and see how you like it. Start slow, maybe a few hundred dollars and then eventually see how you like giving them a few thousand.

If it is not for you, you will know for sure. But you can’t really know until you try. I would recommend exploring with someone you know and can trust. Someone you might come to and ask for advice.

OK, sure, I will do it. I think you were right to come to me with this problem. I’m sending you my paypal address so you can get started.

If anyone else wants to explore, send me as message and we can set up a payment plan.

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