Rope Group Creates New Award


The Austin Rope Group (TARG), one of the oldest rope groups in the suburban Austin area, has announced a new award given to the member of their community best known for tying above their skill level.

Named the “Dunning Kruger Rope Award,” it is offered each year to someone in the Austin rope scene who thinks they know more than they actually do and who “ties badly, while thinking they are some kind of fucking genius with rope,” according to the nomination materials.

According to SlipKnot, the group’s president and founder, “even when we give them the award it doesn’t seem to matter much. They don’t get the joke, but we make sure all the bottoms in town know what it means. They end up bragging about it, which becomes a red flag.”

Love2Btied, a 22 year old bottom and one of the judges for the award added, “We don’t require there to be injuries. It helps us in our assessment if there are, of course, but this award is more about attitude and cluelessness. It is a brutal job because we end up getting dozens of nominations each year.”

“It is a shame we can’t give out more awards,” Master RopeYouUp, 29, explained, “There are so many who deserve the award. We can’t just give it to everyone, though I wish we could.”

Last year’s winner, KnotMaster69, told us “It was an honor to be nominated, but I wasn’t surprised I won. I mean, just look at my Instagram. I really am one of the best.”

When asked about his training and background, he continued “I’ve only been doing this for a few months, but my pictures look just like the famous guys’ ones. I mean you can’t even tell the difference. Most people think I have been tying for years, not months.”

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