BDSMers Assist at Local Political Rally



A local BDSM group is helping out protestors by assisting them with their gags.

Mistress Glenda, a local professional dominatrix noticed that many right wing protester were taking to taping their mouths shut to symbolize being silenced.  “Their technique was not very good and gagging people is one of my biggest fetishes, so I decided to go down to the Capitol and help out the protesters.”  She gathered a few rolls of duct tape, some old socks and headed down to the weekend rally.

“They were skeptical at first,” she reports, “but once they realized I had no political agenda, they lined right up.  I think quite a few of them actually enjoyed it.”

As word spread of her activities, Mistress Glenda found herself joined by more than a dozen other BDSM practitioners from the local community.  The local sex shop even got into the act, donating bondage tape, ball gags, and even a full hood.

“We are all just out here having a blast,” said Cruel One, 52, a self identified “bondage master” and top.  “We get to have fun playing with bondage and we have the added benefit of helping these people to shut the fuck up.”

Several of the protesters, however, did not think it was amusing when they found the gags they were wearing were secured with padlocks.

Mistress Glenda assured The Daily Flogger, it was all in good fun.  “Some people just can’t take a joke.”

 photo credit: Elvert Barnes cc

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