Celebrity Dungeon Features Hollywood Stars’ Kinky Memorabilia



Based on similarly themed restaurants such as “Planet Hollywood” and the “Hard Rock Cafe,” owner Timothy Greenbuck, 48, has opened the first “kink” themed play space, or what he calls his “Celebrity Dungeon.”

The space has memorabilia collected by Greenbuck over the past 20 years, including the original cage from the Story of O film, the yoke worn by Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary and the blindfold and handcuffs from 9 1/2 Weeks.

Among other collectibles are signed scripts, early manuscripts, and several “signature collections” from stars ranging from Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, to supermodel Cheryl Tiegs.

“We have a lot of shoes,” says Greenbuck, “because they are easy to collect and there are lots and lots of fetishists out there who love feet and shoes.”

Perhaps the most impressive item is a hair brush owned by Jack Nicholson, reportedly used to spank some of Hollywood’s sexiest bottoms.

While Greenbuck wouldn’t confirm it, there is even a rumor that Mr. Nicholson stops by from time to time to play.

“We value everyone’s privacy, whether they are just casual players or Hollywood superstars,” said Greenbuck.

Photo credit: fanpop.com

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