Confusion Abounds at WI “Water Sports Expo”



30 members of a regional water sports fetish group were disappointed after making a 300 mile drive to the Wisconsin Dells Water Sports Expo, only to find a retail boat show, encompassing none of the kinky medical fetishes they were hoping to find.

Gus VanSnoot, organizer of the show, told The Daily Flogger that he has been doing the show for “more than 30 years” and this is the first time they have ever run into such a misunderstanding.  VanSnoot offered the group a full refund on their ticket prices as well as a refund on the vendor space they had purchased.

“It doesn’t really help very much,” KinkyNurse4U, one of the kinky attendees said, “We spent more than $2,000 on enema equipment, golden shower videos, and magazines.  We expected to sell all of it here.  They told us it was the regions largest gathering of water sports enthusiasts.  If we had known they meant boats, we obviously, would have made very different choices.”

Doctor Evil, however, did manage to get lucky with one of the models who was hired to promote boats for a major manufacturer.

“She was cute and seemed to really like the idea of a colonic.  Once she got off work, we headed back to the hotel room and I showed her what water sports is really about.”

The model, who asked not to be identified, admitted that she thought she was modeling for a kinky sex convention, not a boat show, so having the “Wet & Wild” group show up from Madison, “really made the event something to remember.”

The Madison group returned home without incident, a little wiser for the experience.

“Next time we are going to clarify with the organizers before me make the trip.  Our biggest issue now is what to do with 200 copies of Anna’s Enema Adventure 27.  Of the whole series it is really the best one, but I have no idea how we are going to sell all these copies now.”

Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar (cc)

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