Local Dungeon Adopts Wong-Baker Scale



In recent renovations, the Baltimore BDSM play space going by the name “The Baltimore BDSM Play Space” has added a new addition to every piece of play equipment, a Wong-Baker pain scale.

The scale, which ranges from “No Hurt” to “Hurts Worst” has been used as a primary indicator or pain levels in many medical institutions.  It also has pictures of faces demonstrating various levels of pain.

“We think this is a real improvement for ‘dungeon communication,'” the owner and operator of The Baltimore BDSM Play Space told The Daily Flogger.  “It works great and can even be used with gags.”

The dungeon also has a new rule:  all submissive’s hands must be kept free to allow them to point to the new pain scale.

While some bondage aficionados find the rule problematic, the overall attitude seems quite positive.

“I like the little faces,” LilPrincessMeow told reporters, “they are cute and when you are getting your ass spanked, sometimes it is just easier to point.”

Master Jimbo McKnight described the addition as “the stupidest thing I have ever seen,” further asking “Isn’t this shit designed for kids or something?”

The dungeon owners claim it is a question of liability.  “If we have the scales posted, no one can sue us.  Except maybe the Wong-Baker Foundation, since they license it.”

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