Couple Breaks New Ground with M/s/S Relationship



For years Master Gert and Slave Brin have been engaged in what is typically referred to as M/s, or a Master/slave relationship.  That all changed last week, when Slave Brin decided to switch things up, literally.

“We added the extra S to our relationship which stands for Switch.  Now when Master is doing things wrong, I can actually show him, rather than just tell him what mistakes he is making.”

“Just this weekend,” Master Gert explained, “Slave Brin didn’t feel like doing her chores, so she made me do them instead so I could see what it feels like to be forced to do something I didn’t want to do.  It was really eye opening and I think it is going to make me a better Master.”

The rule change has led to a re-writing of the contract the two have with each other.

“Everything is still the same,” Brin told The Daily Flogger, “except I can switch roles whenever I feel like it.”

“It makes me really think about giving orders, because she can always say ‘No, you do it'” Master Gert explained.  “It really does make me more conscious and mindful about my mastery.”


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