YALC Conference Announced: Celebrating 20 Years of Conferences



Master Kevin Culum and slave Beth Porgi has announced the creation of a new conference, which they describe as being “just like every other leather conference, but we are doing it here, instead of someplace else.”  The conference title YALC stands for “Yet Another Leather Conference” and this year’s theme is YMLA.

“We went with something descriptive.  YMLA stands for Yet More Activities,” Culum said, “and sounds kind of like YMCA which was a song about gay people.”

“It wasn’t hard to put together,” Culum told The Daily Flogger, “we just basically copied every other leather conference and then came up with a name.  The acronym was the hard part.”

Slave Beth added that the conference will be a “celebration of 20 years of leather conferences.”  Even though this is the first year for YALC, she pointed out that similar conferences have “been going on for 20 years and probably longer.”

Attendees will be able to hear three keynote speeches from some of the lifestyle’s most outspoken figures:

Friday night will feature Hal Goodwin’s talk “10 Things I Have Never Said For You To Misquote” followed by Aura Lanotonionionio’s “Leather? It Used To Be Better, But That Is Gone Now.  Probably Forever.”  The event will close Sunday with Prance Catchey’s talk “Nope.  You are STILL Doing It Wrong.”

The weekend line up will feature sessions with titles like “Leather?  Yes, Please” and “Sure I’ve Given This Talk Dozens of Times, But Never Here” and “It isn’t Narcissism if You Really Are Great” as well as 47 other classes.

According to Culum, there will also be two exhibits.  The first, “Leather of Girls” will showcase the leather clothing from the seventeen local Girls of Leather chapters.  The second, an art exhibit featuring the work of Tom of Sweden (Tom of Finland’s younger, less talented brother).

“We are excited to see the same people we see every other weekend,” said Slave Beth, “but this time, we don’t have to travel.”

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  1. This is absolutely the BEST!!! LOL!!! I want more funny lists! More funny lists of presentations and demos! That’s gold! Cuz it is so true!!!

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