Couple Uses Zoom for Real Dungeon Experience


Yakima, Kansas

For real life BDSM couple Kevin and Marta Lowe, COVID has had little impact on their kink lifestyle.

“We still play almost every night,” Marta, the couple’s partner said.  “We have all the equipment we need at home and a full dungeon in our basement.”

But for the couple, something was missing.

According to Kevin, “We really missed the dungeon feel, the way we would get dressed up every Saturday night and do a big public scene.”

Initially, the couple set up a webcam and did a free broadcast once a week, which was successful but ultimately unfulfilling for the couple.

“What we realized was that what was missing was the inconsiderate and rude behavior of people at the dungeon,” Marta said.

The solution?  The couple has created a Zoom room for people to log in and talk about whatever they want and the couple then plays the live video feed on the dungeon’s sound system at full volume.

“It is just like the dungeon, people talking about all kinds of meaningless shit, pulling you out of your headspace, and really disrupting the energy,” Kevin said.  “We realized it had become so much a part of our public play experience that we didn’t even realize we were missing it.”

The couple opened their Zoom room and invited what they called “All the usual offenders.”

“We packed the room with narcissists, people who love to hear themselves talk, and all our friends who love to brag about their gear.  It was perfect,” according to Kevin.

“I was just about to orgasm when our local ‘Grandmaster’ started to discuss his new computer and video set up.  He’s unusually loud and impossible to interrupt.  It was perfect, it reminded me of the old days,” Marta added.

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