Creepy Dom Perfects Virtual Consent Violations


Halifax, Utah

Hal “Creeper” Jones, 48, has made a career out of being “that guy” at the local dungeon.

“I’ve kinda perfected the art of being creepy without ever crossing any actual lines.  I can do it with just a look or a comment sometimes.  There is an art of making people feel uncomfortable around you and I think I have perfected it.”

When the COVID crisis hit, Jones began to feel isolated and alone.  With no physical spaces to visit, he found his craft to be falling into disuse and he felt he was losing his edge.

“You gotta stay in practice.  Creating an aura of weird and creepy energy takes work and practice.  I mean, do you know how hard it is to give someone the heebie jeebies without actually touching them or talking to them?”

Part of Jones technique is mastering what he calls the “indescribable element” which is the key to not getting banned.

“When they go to report you, the dungeon owners always ask ‘Did he actually do anything?  Touch you?  Say anything?” and they have to say no.  Just being creepy and giving off that vibe isn’t really enough for them to act on.”

When the dungeons closed, Jones had to up his game.

“When you are on Zoom, you are just in a little square box.  So how do you make that creepy?” he pondered.  After almost a year of working on it, Jones feels he has found a solution.

“I’m not going to give my tricks away, but suffice to say, when I show up on a Zoom call, everyone gets pretty weirded out.  Even muted, I can still bring the creepiness.”

Sarah Humboldt, a 22 year old submissive, confirmed the reaction.  “It is weird, he isn’t actually doing anything, but you can still feel him watching you.  Even when he turns his camera off.  It is super weird and uncomfortable.  It is hard to get out of your head.  I can’t even describe what he does.  It’s just a feeling.  So gross.”

“He plays off our welcoming and accepting nature,” Dalton Myers, a 40 year old Dominant, says, “knowing we won’t ban him unless he actually does something.  It is a difficult problem because he is so good at walking the line without ever going over it.”

When asked to respond, Jones simply said, “What can I say?  It’s a gift.”


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