Director Tarantino Denies “Foot Fetish” Rumors



Following the release of his latest film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” famed director Quentin Tarantino has publicly denied having a foot fetish.

Following the release of a formal statement, the director added: “The appearance of several models’ amazing, lovely feet in my latest film is entirely accidental and has nothing to do with any fetish or desire to see their toes, shoes, or the delicious and beautiful dirty soles of their perfectly shaped feet. For example, the scene with Margot Robbie everyone is talking about. We had to shoot that more than 100 times. Just to get it right. It had nothing to do with her Goddess-like feet or the fact that her soles were dirty and that she does this amazing thing where she wiggles her toes. Nothing to do with that.”

Critics point to the appearance of foot images throughout Tarantino’s entire oeuvre, suggesting that his fascination with feet is the result of a fetish.

According to film critic Antonio Haliday, “the very appearance of the foot qua foot is both a confirmation and erasure of the doubling of what we might call a corporeal-linguistic nexus where the foot appears (and disappears) as both fetish and non-fetish.”

Sexologist and fetish expert Mira Jantz, who holds a Ph D in Human Sexuality, summarized the issue more succinctly. “The guy just seems to like feet,” she said. “Lots of people do.”

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