Dominant Man Marries Slave; Changes Everything



After eight years as a happy Master/slave couple, Mary and Mark Jones decided to “tie the knot” and make their relationship official.

“It was time,” said Mary Jones. “I’d been serving him for all this time and we were very happy in our relationship, so why not make it official in the eyes of the state and everyone else? I mean, what was he afraid of all that time?”

The transition from “slave” to “wife” was dramatic and immediate according to Mark Jones. “It was almost overnight. Up to the wedding, she was submissive and obedient and now, well, she just bitches a lot and wants things her way. I don’t understand what happened.”

Mary, who still identifies herself as a slave, says she has “found a new purpose in life” now that she is married. “I also attended a workshop on being a power slave, which is what I realized I was all along.”

“We are doing a lot of renegotiating,” says Mark, “but I am not sure it was such a good idea to get married. Please don’t print that.”

“Mistake, huh?” Mary responded. “We’ll see about that.”

Photo credit: Pierre Fridel CC: NC SA

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