NLA Declares TGIFriday’s “Official Munch Franchise”



After careful review of all the bid, the National Leather Association has selected TGIFridays as the Leather World’s official munch spot.

Master Jack, 47, said the “competition was close, but Friday’s really stepped up with their Spinach Florentine Flatbread and Broccoli Cheese Soup.”

Mistress Maria, a 23 year old Dominatrix from Austin, said that Outback was a close second, but the committee ran into issues when the restaurant wouldn’t give them meals for free. “They were cheapskates and that probably cost them. But that blooming onion dish is fucking delicious.”

Applebee’s, Coco’s and Denny’s were all considered for the franchise rights, but ultimately it was Friday’s that scored the coveted contract.

Being named an “official leather franchise” enables members of the leather community a place to go to validate their leather credentials and declare themselves members of a “tribe.”

“It is very important to leather identity,” says Sheila Ming, an anthropologist studying leather culture in the US. “And they are right about the soup. Delicious!”

Photo credit: Mike Mozart

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