Dungeon “Glow” Seen from Space



Reports from the International Space Station led to a recent investigation of a Florida BDSM dungeon.  Members of the ISS were doing a standard night time survey of Earth.  “We saw something we couldn’t explain,” said Yuri Yugargen, one of the members of the ISS scientific team.

The anomaly was created when the a CSI team sprayed Luminol inside the dungeon in local investigation.  The dungeon, which hadn’t been cleaned for years, glowed so brightly that investigators had to leave the scene.

The glow from the combination of bodily fluids glowed for more than 12 minutes before fading.

“The glow was more intense than the entire skyline of Manhattan or the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area,” said Yugargen.  “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

The dungeon space was closed by the Florida Department of Health, pending a further investigation.  When asked about the closure, dungeon owner Morty Shaw was not surprised.  “If you saw some of the things that go on here, you’d probably want to close the place too.”

Hearings are scheduled for later in the month to decide the fate of the Florida BDSM play space.

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video cc

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