New Whip Cracks “Every Time”



DomCo, maker of high quality BDSM toys and lifestyle wear has introduced a revolutionary new whip, the “Crackmaster 2000.”  The whip is guaranteed to “crack” on “every throw.”

Unlike standard whips that rely of technique to create the signature sound, The Crackmaster 2000 creates the sound of the whip cracking from a small, but powerful, speaker in the whip’s handle.  A gyroscope inside the handle can sense when the whip is being thrown and at what speed and then calculates the appropriate cracking sound.  The cracking sound it emits resonates at exactly the same frequency as the whip itself cracking, making the two sounds indistinguishable.

“Either way,” whip designer Murphy Michaels told The Daily Flogger, “you are going to get your crack and we have eliminated the ‘double crack’ problem altogether.  One throw, one crack.  That is just how we like it.”

Some object to the ease of use and the lack of skill it takes to wield the new whip.

Michaels, however, sees things differently, “It takes skill to find this whip, to buy it, to drive to the dungeon and show it off.  People say it doesn’t require any skill but it actually does.  Plus you need some skills to earn the money buy the thing, it isn’t cheap.”

The whip retails for $450.00, which in contrast to other implements of similar quality is much more expensive.

But as Michaels reminds us “You can’t put a price tag on ego.  Or, well, you can, but it is expensive.  In this case $450.”


photo credit: AldoZL cc

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