Dungeon Stain Resists All Known Cleaning Methods


Los Angeles, Florida

A recent stain which appeared on a couch at a local BDSM dungeon appears to be resistant to all forms of cleaning.

According to Kevin C. Malroy, 27, a self-described Rope Master and Sadist, he first encountered the stain while preparing for a scene.

“I saw this white colored mark on the couch, so I just got some of the house cleaner and sprayed it on the stain and wiped it clean.  At first it seemed to disappear, but once the spot dried the stain re-appeared.”

Lindsey Krauss, the dungeon owner has been working for the past week with several professional cleaners to remove the offending stain.

“We’ve tried all the standard stuff, all the way up to Maticide and nothing seems to help.  Last week we brought in a Hazmat team from the local fire station and they left baffled.  We sent samples to the university for testing, but all their results came back inconclusive.”

Krauss has also resorted to less traditional cleaning methods, including Native American smudge ceremonies and a full on Catholic exorcism.

“We are at a loss.  If we can’t figure out something, we may have to replace the couch and I don’t think anyone wants to see that happen,” Missy Henshaw, one of the spaces Dungeon Monitors, said.

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