“Vaccine Scenes” Trending in Open Dungeons

Geneva, Mississipi
At the virtual DUNGEONCON, running online for three days from the International Dungeon Organizing Committee (IDOC) offices here, the subject of “Trends in BDSM” was the theme of day two where more than 6,000 BDSM dungeon owners and operators participated via Zoom.
One subset of the “trends” theme focused on “vaccine scenes.” Dungeon operators who are legally open in certain territories around the world noted that they were seeing BDSM scenes involving a top or dominant roleplaying with their or slave. The scene, as described at the conference, plays out thusly:
The submissive “waits in line” for a surplus COVID-19 vaccine, often with other submissives. Each are given a number by the dominant who leads the “scene.” The dominant then walks around the with a syringe and hypodermic needle, showing it the submissive. One dungeon owner reported that at this point the dominant paraded around a group of maskless, healthy women who smiled and breathed heavily and without obstruction. This continues for up to five hours before the dominant takes the numbers back from the and sends them home, often in tears.
“It’s one of the most powerful and impactful scenes I’ve ever experienced,” said “Naughty” Nadia (not her real name) outside a dungeon club in Paris, France. “My dom knows I’m into humiliation and degradation. The control of that makes me feel empowered, but here, with the syringe, complete with Moderna logo taped to the side, I felt utterly powerless. It was such a turn-on.”
Reports of similarly described scenes are taking place all over the world. “People are experiencing a lot of vaccine anxiety and shame. These things are always being exploited, often to powerful and emotional catharsis, in the BDSM world,” said Dr. Irrene Iblomovich, President of the IDOC.
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