Dungeon Troll Finds Slave to be “Too Much Work”



After five years of skulking about in dungeons and play parties, resident dungeon troll Keith Pearington, 53, was approached by a woman looking for a traditional Master/slave relationship.

According to the slave, 29 year old Donna Quint, Pearington was “always hanging around the dungeon and seemed to know everyone.”  She was shocked to learn that her would be master had never had a D/s relationship and “only played a handful of times, usually when someone wanted to humiliate their partner by letting the dungeon trolls use her.”

The short lived relationship was a challenge for Pearington who found the responsibilities of slave ownership overwhelming.  “I think I am going to go back to watching and masturbating,” Pearington told The Daily Flogger, “it is a lot less work, and I don’t have to talk to myself when I am done.”

Quint says she is a bit wiser from the experience.  “Just because you see someone at the dungeon doesn’t mean you should completely commit every aspect of your life to them in complete service,” she said.  “That was a good lesson for me to learn.”

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