Email Proposal Deemed Perfect Introduction to HBO Special



Martin Jimenez, 34, was surprised to find an invitation in his morning email to meet a “Lifestyle Master and his willing submissive” in a downtown hotel for a session where the Master would “watch while his submissive’s limits were pushed,” ostensibly by a stranger.

Instead of going to the police, Jimenez called the reality TV producers and HBO with the suggestion that they may be interested in following along to get the inside scoop on “what led to his grizzly and gruesome murder.”

According to Jimenez, “these things never turn out well or like you think they are going to. I am pretty sure they were going to try to murder me and rather than call the cops, I thought I should try to get a TV deal.”

HBO would not confirm their involvement, but The Daily Flogger team did see a camera crew being dispatched and Jimenez being wired with a mic and hidden camera.

When asked about the risk of actually running into a dangerous situation, Jimenez was thoughtful. “I am sure they will have my back. After all, this isn’t TV, this is HBO.”

The Daily Flogger has been unable to reach Jimenez since the filming, but there are rumors in the trades about a new show from HBO which promises to “shock viewers and expose them to the dark side of the BDSM world.”

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