Man’s Work Addiction Interferes with Rich Fantasy Life



Tom McCurry, 46, has spent his life working with numbers.  As one of Nevada’s top accountants, McCurry found himself working long hours, especially during tax season. “I would put in 10 or 12 hour days at first.  My work was important to me, but it wasn’t everything.”

Slowy, McCurry reports, he began working longer hours letting it “consume him” until he found not only had he stopped having sex and masturbating, but he was no longer even fantasizing about bondage, torture or pain. “You lose perspective and before you know it, your work overtakes your fantasy life.  I found myself seeing a hot woman and thinking ‘I wonder who does her taxes?'”  

It got so bad, McCurry says that he became unable to separate his life from his work. “I knew I hit rock bottom when I was at a bar asking a beautiful woman if I could see her 10-40 and W-2s,” he told The Daily Flogger, “that’s when I knew I needed help.”

Fortunately, McCurry was able to enroll in a 90 day program of watching porn, scheduled masturbation, and visits from prostitutes and BDSM professional tops and bottoms. “It got me back on track.  Hell, it probably saved my life,” McCurry believes.

These days McCurry keeps away from taxes and most forms of calculation.  “Tax time is hard of course, but I try to spend most of April at brothels and dungeons and it seems to keep me distracted.”

Photo credit: Esther Dyson CC: NC

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