Legendary Dungeon Mistaken for Office



After changing its theme from leather, whips and chains, to suits and ties, a la 50 Shades of Grey, a Hollywood BDSM dungeon was recently mistaken for a corporate office.

Jim Jones, 47, came across the dungeon during one of its “Suit and Tie” parties and entered the venue seeing corporate consulting and tax advice. Unfortunately for Jones, members of the dungeon. who have little to no experience with corporate work, consulting or finance, offered some very bad advice.

When Jones was uninterested in discussing BDSM he was asked to leave.

Jones has filed a suit against the dungeon space, seeking damages for the investments he made based on the dungeon philosophy that “bitches don’t know shit” and that he should invest in “stocks and bonds.”

According to the dungeon owner, the reference was to wooden pillories and bondage, not financial matters.

The suit is pending and the dungeon is continuing their suit and tie nights.

Photo credit: Peter Forret CC: NC

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