Female Submissive Builds “Perfect Dominant”



Slave Caroline, 52, has finally perfected the formula to create what she describes as “the perfect Dom.”

“I’ve searched for more than three decades for the dominant man of my dreams, but couldn’t find him, so I devoted myself to coming up with a system for taking vanilla guys and turning them into dominant men.”

For Caroline, the process turned out to be easier than she thought.  “It is a combination of exercise and diet to get his body just the way I like and then mental and emotional conditioning to turn him into someone truly dominant.  That when, when he starts giving orders, I already know they are the ones I want to follow because I am the one who programmed, I mean, introduced them to him.”

Master Mick, slave Caroline’s 26 year old master agreed.  “She’s very obedient as long as I follow the rules.  But I know all the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of true male domination, which allows me to be the perfect master.  When she doesn’t do as I say, it is usually because I have strayed from the rules, but she is always happy to correct me.”

“He’s a dream,” the slave told The Daily Flogger.  “I know he’ll never leave me, because that’s not allowed.”

Photo credit:  Arthur cc: by nc sa

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