Man Shaves Head; Feels “More Dominant”



For 39 year old leatherman and dominant Fritz Holland, having hair has always been an issue.  “I’ve always wanted to be bald, but never really had the guts to do it,” Holland told The Daily Flogger.

This past week, something changed after Holland realized he was the only dominant man at the dungeon with a full head of hair.  Wednesday night, he took clippers, sheers, and a straight razor to his curly brown locks and emerged completely bald.

He was greeted later at the dungeon with confusion and was subsequently called by the name of every other bald man in the community.  “It was gratifying to finally fit it.  I really feel like I am part of something now.  All the upkeep will be worth it.”

As for the effect, Holland said “It definitely makes me feel more dominant.  I used to think that was something that comes from inside, but I have come to realize that hair has a lot to do with it.  More than I could possibly imagine.”

Photo credit: Mike Burns cc: by sa

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