Fox to Film Pilot for “Real Slaves of Orange County”



In a surprise announcement, Fox Studios told assembled reporters that they will begin shooting for their Fall pilot, “Real Slaves of Orange County.”  Details are sketchy and Fox is keeping this year’s story lines close to the vest, but insiders report that we will see many of these slaves as we have never seen them before.

Plot lines are sure to involve lots of rumors, gossip, and backstabbing, mostly done either without their masters’ knowledge or because they are clueless and easily manipulated.

“This year we will be taking a close look at the whole ‘power slave’ mentality, which seems to mostly be a group of high maintenance controlling women who, for some reason, like the idea of being called ‘slaves.'” Marty Kresnick, executive producer of the show, told us.

“We know it will be a hit because we can’t really tell the difference between housewives and slaves in that part of the country,” Kresnick said.

photo credit: Jennifer Marie Puglia cc

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