In Wake of Negotiation Problems, Scene Fails to Happen



A Texas dominant man is still feeling the effects of a negotiation gone wrong at a local Dallas dungeon.

DallasDom, 22, was in discussions for a Saturday night play scene with Dallas scene regular TexasRopeKitty, 37.  The scene, scheduled to be a flogging and spanking scene, was on track throughout most of the negotiation until they got to the topic of safewords.

“We had agreed on implements, timing, sexual contact and all the things we usually negotiate and then he asked me what my safeword was and I told him,” said the more experienced submissive.

The problem arose when she told him her safeword was “ouch.”

“Well I didn’t know what to do, because I am pretty new here and just that evening I had seen one of the more experienced local doms walking around in a t-shirt that said ‘Ouch is Not a Safeword.’  I didn’t know what to do and I kinda froze up,” the newbie dominant told The Daily Flogger.

“I mean I didn’t want to offend the guy in the t-shirt and I couldn’t just tell Kitty she couldn’t use her safeword.  It was a consent culture nightmare and my brain just shut down.”

DallasDom doesn’t remember much of what happened next, but TexasRopeKitty sure did.

“There was a lot of twitching and drooling.  We almost called 911 because we thought maybe he was epileptic or something and having a seizure.”

Luckily one of the more experienced tops was nearby to calm things down.  “He’s just a newbie,” Master Kip told the assembled onlookers, “this is what a new dom freaking out looks like.  Give him some air and a cookie to get the blood sugar back up and he’ll be fine.”

Master Kip’s advice was spot on and the young dominant recovered quickly, but the scene never happened.

DallasDom says he learned a lot that night.  “It turns out the t-shirt was just a joke.  I still don’t get the joke, but I told Kitty I was willing to try again.  She said she wants some time to think about it.  I explained to her about the t-shirt and everything and she just kept looking at me funny.”

TexasRopeKitty isn’t sure she is willing to give the new dominant a second chance.  “That is moron level stupidity.  But then again, look around at the doms I have to choose from.  If stupidity was a deal breaker, I’d never get any play time.”

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