International Dungeon Organizing Committee (IDOC) To Hold Worldwide Symposium Despite Pandemic

GENEVA, Kansas
DUNGEONCON, the long-running global for BDSM dungeon owners and operators, governed by the International Dungeon Organizing Committee (IDOC) held their first symposium in more than 100 years virtually this past week in Geneva.
“The pandemic has been catastrophic for the BDSM community broadly and for dungeon club owners in particular,” Irrene Iblomovich, President of the IDOC, said in her opening statement to more than 6,000 dungeon owners in attenance from around the world. “We are seeing sharp declines in fetish and kink-based predilections since the start of the pandemic and the IDOC grow more and more concerned about the survival of the dungeon and supporting communities in the physical world.”
She noted that in aggregate, dungeons worldwide have experienced an 85% drop in revenues, a near 75% drop in membership, and a full 92% in gratuitous blowjobs. “The IDOC has no purview of the individual kinkster’s home, and the reach of our global survey mechanism does not extend into the bedrooms, living rooms, and rec rooms of our member’s clientele, so it remains unclear if these dungeon statistics pertain to the industry at large or to an alarming trend in kink- and fetish-based lifestyles in general. For that, we will need to consult the Global BDSM Alliance (GBDSMA) in Zurich.”
The GBDSMA have already announced a multimillion dollar study, to be conducted by a joint collaboration PWC and Gallup on the subject of at-home kink (ATH), a little studied demographic. The report, due in 2027, will offer a comprehensive view into the lives and actions of fetishists and kinksters in more than 105 countries.
Beyond the most heady topics covered at the online conference, other subjects of interest included, “That Stain Isn’t Mayonnaise,” and “How To Make Your Dungeon Not Smell of Urinal Cake.”
Each attendee to the were shipped more than 22 kilograms (50 lbs.) of symposium reports, analyses, and the IDOC’s own anal report.
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