Kink Group Raises $18 for Leather Foundation



The Herdon Valley Munch, which has met monthly since 2012, passed the hat for their annual fundraiser in support of the We Are Foundation, a group dedicated defining leather “both for ourselves and for everyone else.”

Margo Hernandez, 27, the munch’s organizer told The Daily Flogger, “We decided after meeting and talking for almost two years, it was time to do something to give back to the community.”  Hernandez selected the We Are Foundation as the group’s “official charity” because it was “the only one with leather in the title” and “it seemed like the right thing to do.”

The munch was well attended with about 45 members of the local kink community present.

Hernandez started the fundraising drive by putting in $20 into the collection basket.  After going around the table, she found $18 dollars remaining with an IOU from Master Karl, with an apology noting he was “a little short on the bill.”

Trixy McClane, a long time munch attendee was happy to see some activism, even though she wasn’t able to contribute.  “If I had known about the fundraiser, I would have skipped the potato skins.  I barely had enough to cover my meal and tip.”

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