Single Submissive Depressed after using Clothespins for Laundry



Kimberly Smalls has found herself feeling depressed after washing her clothes and hanging them on the clothesline to dry. The clothespins she used triggered the 27 year old submissive, making her think of her recent break up.

“It just makes me think of him,” she said. The “him” she is referring to is her former master and partner Rick McDade, who she served as a live in slave for more than 5 years.

“Clothespins were his favorite thing. I didn’t even know they had another purpose until after he left. We always had a drier. Now that is over. He took it with him when he moved out. It was a really nice one too.”

The former slave has tried placing clothespins on her own nipples and labia, but found it “was just not the same, plus I could always take them off.”

The former slave said she has considered just buying new clothes and skipping doing laundry altogether but didn’t think that would work as a long term solution.

Photo credit: Beth, cc: by nc

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