Leather Family Shakeup Threatens Dominant Control



With Master Denby Hart, 34, moving out of state, the make-up of the House of Yin and Yang, faces a dramatic shift in power, with and switches now holding a majority stake in family decisions.

According to family insiders, Denby’s exit will result in the switches caucusing with now, making it far harder for the dominants to get anything done.

“They can be real obstructionists, especially the ones who don’t identify as slaves,” said Master William, a 54 year old master, and current head of the household.

Should a majority call for a vote, William could easily lose his position as head of the house and would likely be replaced by slave beth, a power slave and current house Major Domo.

Michael is all for the change. “For too long, dominants have been having their way. Wait until you see what we can get done. Submissive doesn’t mean weak or lazy. We don’t need to be given orders to get things done. We may like that, but we don’t need it.”

Master Denby tried to delay his move until after nominations for new house members we open, but work pressures and the need to relocate required a move before that could happen.

“I hope they choose wisely and add a few more dominants. With the new power balance, that doesn’t seem likely,” he said.

Photo credit: Joe Abbruscato CC: NC

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